Your AI Toolbox: Apps & more

Text generators

At this point, major AI chatbots all work with images, audio, documents, and web search. They are much more than text generators. 

Google's Gemini is aiming to compete with ChatGPT. It can access your Google Drive, Gmail, and the internet, etc to search for information

Claude is now open in more countries. The new Claude 3 has just been released and it is blowing us away! A serious challenger to ChatGPT and Gemini.

ChatGPT by OpenAI

Free and paid versions. The paid has several features (plugins, image input, better results) that you may find worth the price. Also does voice and image generation.


Microsoft's OpenAI GPT inferface, with internet search, image generator

Materials generators

There are tools that will create leveled texts, questions (from texts, video, websites, or pdfs), whole lesson plans, activities, etc. 

Canva uses AI to help you create materials, presentations, images, etc Currently free trial and pay per year. It's well reviewed. creates and works with all kinds of tools for teachers

Diffit: Create leveled texts, questions, and vocab lists automatically - Great for differentiating materials

Twee: Automatically create materials with no prompting skills - create questions from YouTube, create texts with questions, etc. 

How to video

Now with paid and free levels.

Education copilot (currently 30 day trial and pay per month, but it works well. creates lesson plans, assessments, rubrics, projects, etc Create lesson plans plus interactive materials. Limited free usage. will help you create teaching materials as well as planning whole courses

Quizziz ai can turn webpages, pdfs, and docs into quizzes

Image generators

Create images by describing what you want to see.

OpenAI's image generator Dall-e 3 now powers Bing Image Creator and ChatGPT images

Microsoft Copilot is now powered by Dall-e-3. So far, looks really good!

You currently need to sign up for the Beta for this one 

Stable Diffustion is now only free for a trial period but gives excellent results

This works through a Discord server - see instructions at link

Canva uses AI to help you create materials, presentations, images, etc

Freepik's AI image generator

Audio generators

Create realistic sounding speech from text, get live transcripts, and even generate that text for the audio. Making listening activities has never been so easy. generates text and audio, suitable for creating listening activities with multiple speakers 

Update on pricing: free for 15 minutes, and $29 USD to upgrade

How to video

Text to voice by AI

Multiple voices, multiple languages, vary the delivery style transcribe video or audio. Generate notes for your meetings. Online transcript. Transcribe recording to text. Accurate audio to text or video to text transcription

Speechify: AI powered text to speech, web browser based

Video generators

Video generation is in its infancy and many tools veer into the Uncanny Valley. The good ones are mostly paid, and can be expensive. 

D-ID presentation video generator with avatars "freemium" model

Visla AI video generator and editing tool "freemium" model

HeyGen creates video presentations and also can do translation of video where the lips sync up with the target language

Open AI's new video creator. This one is not available to the public yet but the demo videos are jaw-dropping! Have a look.

Speaking practice

There are a few free conversation practice apps out there, but most are either paid or not very good quality. In addition to specific speaking practice apps, the big chatbots can also work this way surprisingly well. 

ChatGPT has new speech capabilities available on free accounts. practice conversation with a partner. Free version is just chatting.

Other tools

There's an AI for that - AI aggregator. Find the tool you need.

ChatPDF lets you upload any pdf and explore it conversationally will summarize long videos

AgentGPT: Carry out multi-stage tasks using autonomous "agents" to carry out different steps